I’ve Got You “Covered”… it will be funny in a minute…

I love finding covers of songs. I feel like that is probably the most appropriate place to start this. The thing is, I have nothing against original performances of songs. I just happen to love me a good cover. So I decided to dedicate this post to song covers that have been giving me sweet, musical life as we begin the fall. I have given myself the limit of 140 characters to describe each of these wonderful clips. Enjoy.

1… Chris Salvatore, “Wrecking Ball”. It’s like an awesome, electronic-y version of Miley’s song. And in some of his other covers he plays the keytar. So that’s pretty awesome.

2… SoMo, “Body Party”. He took a spunky Ciara song and made it into an old-school Usher song. Give me a slow head bang and a stank face and I’m all set.

3… VoicePlay feat. Rachel Potter, “I Knew You Were Trouble”. It’s Rachel Potter with a sick a capella group. Need I say more? They are all absolutely sick. Oh yeah… she sings into a megaphone too.

4… Kurt Hugo Schneider, “Cups”. Everyone and their mother is singing this song. It was even sung in an audition the other day. But they sing it best. Game, set, match.

5… Scott Hoying, Luke Edgemon, & KO Olusola, “Call Me Maybe”. If Carly Rae wrote a song for “Trapped in the Closet”. Their riffs are filthy and there is a beat boxing cello player. Boom. Done.

Enjoy these.