You Better Redneckognize: iPad Musings

The past few days I have been home alone, house sitting, while my folks are off traveling the world. I have always and will always be the kind of person who enjoys background noise particularly when I am by myself. Well these few days have been no exception. This would be the part where I should say that I keep Cspan on in the background because I am a well informed and politically minded individual. However that’s not true. I am a total trash-TV junkie. So one day while working on another project the absolutely fantastic “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” came on. Now I have loved the wonderful country bumpkin antics of the Boo Boo family (I honestly don’t have the slightest idea what their last name is… Do they have one?) however after looking at the interwebs for a bit I’ve found that people have strong feelings in the other direction.
There are genuinely people out there that hate them. There are Honey Boo Boo hate sites and people writing letters begging TLC to take them off the air. Apparently they are teaching people that being “uneducated” is socially acceptable and they are painting a negative picture of the American south. Here are my thoughts (which are obviously both idealic and ultimately correct)… The factis I support the Thompson-Shannon family (yes, I did go and look up their last name).


Yes, they live a lifestyle that is incredibly different than ours. In some ways their actions are incredibly polarizing. And no, I don’t necessarily see Alana being the next Mensa candidate. But you know what the kicker is? They love themselves. Think about how frequently you see them smile or hear them laugh per episode. They are so content and in love with their lives. Because I was intrigued I started to research them a little more. Did you know that good ole Mama June has 5 separate bank accounts set up for her kids that automatically get deposited into from their filming pay? When asked why she said she doesn’t want this experience to spoil them or change them. It is all about them being happy with what they have and who they are. So I guess all of this is my way of saying, don’t you think we should all try and have a little bit more Honey Boo Boo love in lives?