But Are You Really Batman?

It was released a month or so ago that one of the biggest crossovers of all time will take place soon. This is bigger than the Coachella projection of Tupac. This is bigger than combining players to make an All-Star team. This is bigger than putting mac and cheese on pizza. Superman vs. Batman. Now I personally don’t see the necessity of this but that is for an entirely different post, but the attention has narrowed in on who will be the next Batman.


Apparently it is now Ryan Gosling vs. Joe Mangianello… so basically it is an abs vs. abs. I am deeply conflicted by this pairing, but not for the reason everyone would imagine. Personally I don’t care who plays Batman (except that if it is Ryan Gosling all I will be able to see is him as ‘feminist Ryan Gosling’, which kind of kills that BA attitude of Batman). My problem is with the whole concept… so yeah, I lied. That topic isn’t for another blog post. It’s for now. Why is it necessary to make this movie now? Do we really need to create superhero movie after superhero movie? It is like a motion picture version of Law and Order. If you had one do well then of course that means that 37 would do just as well. This is wrong, no matter how many SVU guest stars tell you otherwise. I think that a hold should be placed on all productions of a franchise until a certain point has been passed. For example,  there are 7 men who have played the role of Batman. The first of them, Lewis Wilson, only died 10 or so years ago. Can we not wait until previous portrayers of the character have aged a bit?  Val Kilmer is slightly excluded from this as time has not been all that friendly to Ice Man. But this trend of starting production for a film just weeks after the previous one is created is just sad. I’m waiting for the day when I see a trailer for “Iron Man 6” before “Iron Man 5”. It’s a little bit sad. I guess this speaks to some deep rooted societal issue where we are constantly looking to the future and wanting another one of something rather than enjoying the one that we currently have. That being said I hear auditions for “Avengers 17” will be held within the next month.