Does ‘Into the Woods’ Hurt Broadway…

Let me begin this post by saying I loved “Into the Woods” (the recent cinematic adventure created by Rob Marshall et al). The cast is wonderful and the music is wonderful and the… Continue reading

Leave Renee’s Face Alone!

This week pictures of Renee Zellweger came out. You’ve probably seen them. Social media makes breaking news, just like a bull that showed up after the china shop had already locked the doors… Continue reading

Monthly Music: Song-a-licious September

You know the drill. This month I listened to music. I have spent a lot of time in Photoshop… so thus I have spent a lot of time listening to pre-prepared playlists. Apparently… Continue reading

New York Fashion Week Strikes Again

Last year I had quite a laugh at the expense of all things fashion week. If you haven’t read my fashion week commentary from last year (found here) feel free to give it… Continue reading

Keep Your Browsing History in Your Own Bubble

This week tragedy struck the pop culture world. Nude photos were leaked. Jennifer Lawrence. Ariana Grande. Victoria Justice. Now when I first heard this story (which at this point is several days old)… Continue reading

Monthly Music: Audible August

It is now August. This means many things. One, it means that all of the obnoxious touring students will go back to school and get out of Washington DC. I’m all for people… Continue reading

When Reality TV Travels the Globe

If you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel (here) then you may not know about my Etsy shop. You can visit it here. I have been sewing bow ties and selling them and… Continue reading

The 5 People You Meet in Starbucks

I must first begin by saying that this post will probably contain more than 5 examples. Honestly I just liked the cute “5 People You Meet in Heaven” tie in. Will that apply?… Continue reading

Monthly Music: July Jams

Yes… I know I used “jams” in last month’s mixtape. I’m sorry. I’m a failure. It’s not my fault that there are two months in a row with the same first letter. Regardless… Continue reading

Will the 20s Roar Again?

I would like to start this by saying that I’m drinking an ice cold gin rickey or sitting in a smokey jazz club. I’m not. I’m sitting in bed. In fact it is… Continue reading